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Family for Every Child

Family for Every Child

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Researching the linkages between social protection and children’s care in South Africa

This research investigates the impact of the Child Support and Foster Child grants in South Africa on children’s care. It examines the effect of these grants on the quality of children’s care and on decisions about who will provide care to children. It also explores implementation issues regarding both grants and proposes options for making support more effective.


Children changing their lives with their stories

No one speaks about children’s experiences better than children themselves.

This week sees the launch of our Digital Storytelling project, aimed at allowing children from seven countries to share with the world their concept of “family”, through stories, images and drawings.

Digital Storytelling is a great way to amplify children’s voices: children feel encouraged to speak about issues that affect them every day, and to share their dreams and desire for change in their lives.


My magical journey with Family for Every Child

Family for Every Child is a unique organisation that has taken me, and CINDI, on a phenomenal journey.

I remember thinking at the first meeting in 2010 “is this even possible?” Getting all of these organisations and people from different countries together to work jointly and to agree seemed like a challenge. My experience, having worked with, and also having created, various networks, led me to assume that putting directors from different countries together and asking them to make decisions would lead to disagreements and arguments. The common factor within group dynamics is that it is often hard to ‘agree to disagree’ and reach consensus.


Visiting projects in South Africa

Following the election of our Board and President in Durban, South Africa, members took part in a practice exchange – one of Family’s key activities. This included a site visit to CINDI and to the offices of their members in Pietermaritzburg to get a better understanding of their projects.